Rains Dreams

When I take the time to write I never know where I (my thoughts) end up.  Not that I have any destination in mind.  On the contrary, sitting down to write is always an adventure, a take-a-deep-breath and open Pandora’s box without any hesitance because I always welcome coming face to face with my true self or parts of my self.

When I do keep still, a torrent of thoughts, ideas, questions and feelings slowly trickle into my consciousness, and then as if unsure but determined, the drizzle takes a life of its own. The more I yield to this tingly cool, thirst-quenching shower of glistening mini-eureka thoughts, the heavier the downpour becomes.  A windy staccato-like thinking reflex slowly awakens! Meanwhile, there is this ushering of raw emotions accompanying the  rising crescendo of reflections. It takes shape intentionally not forcefully.  Yes, as if calmly, naturally, matter-of-factually, these two always come as an inseparable pair, like a long time married couple; thoughts and feelings. Connected. And it begins, this awareness in me of the organic melding of abstract sky- high musings growing, dancing , evolving with glob-like textures of stainless steel caliber,  exploring, sometimes mixing with and retreating from water, sand, feathers and heat, whatever is in its way.  But always intent on bursting with life.

imagine real


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